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Michele Kelsay

Campus Director

I am Michele Kelsay, Campus Director of the Cedar Park Mustangs! I have been in education for 30 years and I have 20 years of experience as a school principal. I have never been more excited to educate children than I am with this program. Let me tell you about our school. Our goal is to keep that new, pioneering feeling with our unique, diagnostically-prescribed curriculum. Rather than being bound to a traditional classroom, we have a disciplined, innovative learning experience. Students can self-advance with a great sense of accomplishment.

One of the great advantages that come with starting a new school is the opportunity to hire a gifted group of inspirational and highly qualified educators. Cedar Park Charter Academy teachers are masters of their disciplines, yet not afraid to innovate as they educate or to use creative strategies that engage students and motivate them to excel. They are passionate about teaching, and continue to seek opportunities to expand their own knowledge and experience. They set the bar high for their students, teaching the essential skills to be successful academically, but are also sensitive to different learning styles inherent in their students. And, perhaps most important, they have that special knack for connecting with students one-on-one.

If small class sizes, academic excellence, critical-thinking skills and a broad range of opportunities will help your child flourish, contact us for more information.

Students say…

"They seem more focused here. You can go as fast as you want. Because of that I have excelled in my normal class work. It’s very different from the other school I attended."


“The teachers want to listen to you. We are actually able to talk with teachers about anything we want to. Everyone gets along and you feel welcomed.”


“The teachers really take time and they care about me. I told my mom ‘this is the best decision you have ever made for us.’”


“My science is hard, but if you go to someone for help, they explain it in a different way. Our classes are small, so there’s lots of time to get help when you need it.”


Teachers say…

"It’s a very close-knit environment, where you know the students and can spend time working with them on their needs. I am always looking for those kinds of opportunities."

Parents say…

“My 10th-grader did get into other schools, but we chose to come here. I’m a pioneer parent.”

“My son enjoys having relationships with the teachers as much as with the other students.”

“This school has been a God-send! We feel like we are getting the best of both worlds, public school cost with a private school feel.”