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Welcome to Priority Charter Schools

Welcome to the new Interim Superintendent

Priority Charter School is proud to announce that Lula Turnipseed has accepted the position of Interim Superintendent. Ms. Turnipseed brings to the organization years of experience as both an educator and administrator in the public and charter realm. She will start at the end of July and is looking forward to working with the PCS team to help the district reach its full potential. At a lawfully called meeting on Wednesday, June 29, 2016 the PCS Board of Directors approved the Interim Superintendent contract.

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PCS Penny Drive

Priority Charter Schools is hosting a Penny Drive for the Togolese villages Kpele-tutu and Kpegnon School (in Africa). Our technology consultant, Koffi, helped start the school and visits every 3 months. On one of his last trips, he took our donated school t-shirts with the prior school names on them and passed them out to the children. As you can see on the flier picture, the children were elated to have a new shirt!

We, Priority Charter Schools, have decided to adopt this school and help them as much as possible. Our first fundraiser is the penny drive. Schools will collect as many pennies as they can. Other coins/ cash are acceptable. The school with the most money collected at the end of March will win a pizza party with the superintendent. Our goal is to get our students thinking beyond their walls and helping others.

Why are we collecting pennies? If each student brings a dollar worth of pennies, we will raise $814. While this doesn't seem like a huge impact, our US dollar equals 600fcfa (TOGO money). With this money, students will get their school fees paid, school supplies, new clothes and a pair of shoes. We look forward to seeing what will happen when we all work together as a team!

Click on the link below to learn more.

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